My Moisturizers

In one of my posts, I talked about products I use for my oily face. Now let’s talk about the products I use every day. I have eczema and I live in the midwest, which means winters are rough. However we all know eczema doesn’t care if it’s summer or winter, you need to keep your body moisturized. yes, my friends moisturize, moisturize and moisturize.


  • I loveeeee Kiehls cream de corps, I actually love a lot of things from them, but cream de corps is something I keep going back to. My skin loves it.
  • My face loves la Mer moisturizing soft cream. A lot of people complain about the price, which is a little much, but you do get what you pay for.
  • I add a little bit of bio-oil to my cream de corps. Don’t ask me why I just love how it feels on my skin. Bio oil by itself is great, just like cream de corps by itself is also great.
  • Lush’s Tea tree water, is something I can’t live without, Yes I have made that decision. This toner is amazing, it really helps with oil control. I spray it on my face everyday as much as needed.
  • Last but not least, is the Caudalie beauty elixir. It refreshes and gives you that I’m awake feeling. I usually use it after my night time routine. It has oil in it and since I have an oily face, I don’t like using it during the day. However, I will still spray it if I need to moisturize while on the go. I keep on in my purse.

Stay moisturized, and be kind!


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