Itchy scalp​ solutions


Itchy scalp, now if you have it, you know how annoying it can be. Here are the products I use for mine.

  • Aloe vera gel is bae I use it as a styling gel, I sometimes use it on my skin, but mainly it helps with the itch. you can purchase it on majestic pure
  • Apple cider is even more bae, I pour some in the plastic bottle and rinse my hair with it before shampooing. It takes the itch right away. I purchase mine at trader joe’s, but you can get it almost everywhere. One place would be GNC
  • I use peppermint while conditioning, I love the sensation it lives on my scalp. I also purchase my peppermint oil at whole foods, but you can get it almost everywhere too, just make sure its good quality.

Say goodbye to itchy scalp!