My go to shampoos and conditioners

As a person with natural hair, that’s coarse, tightly coiled and misunderstood, I have had to do a lot to research to find what works for my hair and what doesn’t. A lot of people make the mistake of using and following exactly what others are doing to care for their hair. Get to know what type of hair you have, Example: 4C, coarse and tightly coiled. Know the porosity of your hair (high, medium, low. I have low porosity hair, which means my hair doesn’t absorb product properly. I use a steamer to help with product penetration. I cleanse my hair often to avoid product build up and also use natural oils ( I will do another blog post of the hair oils/products). Avoiding heavy products and silicones is very important.

Since this post is about shampoos and conditioners, I use the Tea Tree Tangle shampoo and conditioner from Trader Joe’s. I love the tingly sensation it gives me and it’s very cheap. For those that don’t have access to Trader Joe’s, Amazon has it, but it’s more expensive. My other go to shampoo and conditioner is from Luseta. So far I like the Jamaican black castor oil.

With love, from a 4C hair lady 🙂


2 thoughts on “My go to shampoos and conditioners

  1. Hi! Thanks for this interesting post! I also made some research about my hairs and found that it’s a 4C, with low porosity. I also use steam to help my hair absorb products.
    For shampoo, conditioner and leave in, I use SHEA MOISTURE low porosity range.
    It’s just difficult here in Africa to easily find appropriate products for our hair (I’m mostly talking about shampoo and conditioner, since de have the chance to have more access nowadays to natural oils), at reasonable prices.
    I just have one question for you. You said you cleanse your hair often. How often is it?
    Me for example, I wash them twice in a month.

    Thanks again for your post. It’s interesting to have another point of view!


    1. Hello Sister,
      I cleanse my hair every week. I don’t steam it everytime I wash the hair because it’s a lot of work. On days when I don’t have time to sit under the steamer, I just use the steam in the shower. I mix conditioner with coconut oil let it stay for 5 mins while the hot water is running and then I rinse it out. I guess with our type of hair we learn tricks 😉


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