What does your bedding smell like?

Most of the time we just wash our bedding and maybe use scented soap or scented dryer sheets.

I personaly don’t use scented soap because I have eczema, so does my daughter and I don’t use dryer sheet either. However, I love my bedding to smell nice and fresh. Not that it wouldn’t smell nice with just being washed. I want that special scent, weather it be lavender, camomile etc…

I like the Forette pillow mists because not only do they smell good, they also help me sleep.

I also like the commonwealth soap Egyptian cotton spray (lavender scent) for my sheets.

I also use these to spray my bedrooms sometimes.

I get these at Homegoods .


6 thoughts on “What does your bedding smell like?

  1. Thanks for the tips! Really helpful! I think it’s really important to spray sheets with good smells. This is all about special Feminine touch! 😊😊😊


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