Staying sane during quarantine.

Since we have been in quarantine, there have been stories of people ready to divorce each other. Domestic violence is rising, depression is rising, people are anxious and there are even memes of men being very unhappy to stay home and around their wives 24/7.

Being around the same people in the same space can become overwhelming at certain times. We all need our own space once in a while.

Here are some of the things we do as a family to stay said and in a good space:

  • When I cook, Mohamed puts the dishes in the washer and cleans the kitchen (yes men, you need to help around the household)
  • When things get overwhelming, I go spend some alone time in my room, Mohamed does the same.
  • When Iman is acting really wild because she’s tired of being indoors, we go for a walk and remember to keep 6 feet away if we meet people.
  • Let your partner talk on the phone/zoom without being upset, they need to talk to someone else other than you.
  • I love to read books, so I get absorbed into them and time passes without me realizing it.
  • I love to dance (even if I can’t dance), and entertain my family.
  • We both have different workout times, Mohamed wakes up before me and works out, and feeds Iman. I workout later.

These are some of the things we are doing, I hope they are helpful. Stay safe and healthy.


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