My oily face solutions

fullsizeoutput_2a2For so long I have been trying to find products (that are organic) and solutions that I can use at home, to get my oily face in control. Here are the products and tools I use.

  1. I start with the black head/white head remover. I love this tool, especially for my nose. It sucks all the dirt out. I like the big head cup more than the others, and I use it on high. I steam my face first before using it, that way I get better results. I do this every two weeks, or as needed. You can purchase it on Amazon
  2. I use the dead sea mud mask, which I leave on for about 15 mins. All I can say about this mask is that I love it.  I try to do this once a week. You can also purchase on Amazon
  3. I use the scrub after I clean off the mask. I love doing this because the scrub is gentle, but exfoliates enough. It’s not rough on my skin.  Every week, I also use this scrub to exfoliate my whole body. I purchase this at whole foods, but you can get it online at Apothecaries
  4. I know a lot of you are wondering why does she have bio oil, just because our face is oily doesn’t mean we don’t need to moisturize it. Bio oil is excellent because a little goes a long way. I just dab a small amount on my cheeks, chin, and forehead. I use bio oil every night after my bath or shower. I will post about the products used during the day in another post. I like the big bottle because you get more for your buck. I purchased mine at Walgreens or CVS.
  5. I spray the tea tree water, which is one of my favorites as well. This I use every day, morning, midday, night, whenever needed. It can also be used as a setting spray. I purchase it from Lush
  6. Last but not least, I use the face massage tool, to get everything in my pores. I bought a cheap one because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it, without being sure if I liked it. I purchased it on Amazon


5 thoughts on “My oily face solutions

  1. Thanks a lot Fatou for these advices! I have an oily face too and your tips will be very helpful, even tho we cannot find all the products here… I will purchase the black head/white head remover immediately and I will test it! Instead of Bio Oil, I use bio coco oil every night (also on my cheeks, chin and forehead) and I can tell it works well. Thank you !


    1. You are welcome sister. It does suck that you can’t find all the products. How ever, you can try different ones with almost the same ingredients. You will love the black head remover. I will also look into the bio coco oil 😘

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